Dancing on the Inside


Dancing on the Inside tells the story of 12-year-old Jenny Spark who has wanted to be a dancer ever since her grandparents gave her a DVD of Swan Lake. Unfortunately, on her first day of ballet class, she suffers a panic attack and makes a horrifying discovery. She’s terrified of dancing in front of the other kids, and as for actually performing for an audience? Forget it.

Yet Jenny refuses to give up her dream. With determination and a little ingenuity, she finds ways to observe ballet classes without actually participating. She trains in the safety of her room, while hiding the truth from her parents. Then Jenny meets her exact opposite: Ara Reyes, an outgoing, spontaneous, and accident-prone girl who loves dancing but has always been overlooked.

The girls' friendship blossoms as they help each other uncover their real talents. Ara's dancing takes a leap forward and Jenny discovers she has an amazing gift for choreography. With the support of the school's newest teacher, Jenny's original ballet might just make it on stage ... but will she?

Charming and inspiring, Dancing on the Inside shows how pursuing our passions can often lead to wonderful and unexpected results.

Awards Received

Honourable Mention 2013 IndieFab Award in the category of Juvenile Fiction.

2012 Independent Publisher Book Award

(Gold Medal, juvenile fiction)

2011 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award

(Canada East Region)

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Excerpts from the novel. A few short passages to give you taste of what's in store.

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Barnes and Noble and Chapters-Indigo.

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