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Welcome to my site! I'm Glen C. Strathy, author of Dancing on the Inside, a novel about a 12-year-old-girl named Jenny Spark who has a burning passion for ballet, but is so shy she cannot bring herself to participate in dance lessons! How she manages to fulfil her dream despite this serious problem, the friendships she makes along the way, and the unexpected talent she discovers within herself, are things you just have to read the book to discover.

This book has truly been a labour of love. It was inspired by an incident that happened to my own daughter when she was quite young (much younger than Jenny). For years, I stole a day or two each month out of my work schedule (I earn a living writing nonfiction) to work on this book.

I'm hoping that Jenny's struggle to overcome her shyness will inspire young readers to pursue their own dreams. All of us have fears and limitations. And even if we can't overcome them, we have the capacity to work around them. It just takes a little creativity and sometimes the support of friends.

I'm pleased to announce that Dancing on the Inside is now available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats at major retailers, including Amazon.com (Dancing on the Inside), Barnes and Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

But feel free to find out more about the book and me by exploring this site. I'll be adding more reviews, games, and bonuses over the coming weeks, so do check back.

Thanks for stopping by,

Glen C. Strathy

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Dancing on the Inside - a dance novel for tweens

Dancing on the Inside: a novel for tweens about dance, shyness, and how how pursuing our passions can often lead to wonderful and unexpected results.

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